Dessert Party - On "shoulds."


Dessert Party - On "shoulds."


Tuesday, July 25 at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour

On "shoulds."
We'll be talking about what we truly want out of life + why it’s so hard to actually get it. Plus we'll be doing a fun drawing activity (bring your colored pencils!)

Why Dessert Parties are awesome:

  • If your body is feeling not-great, you can take a walk or go to a yoga class. But what if your inner state is all out of whack? A Dessert Party is a mini-boost to help you explore + sort out some what’s going on with your life, eating, and how you relate to your body.
  • Irresistibly priced at only $15 per party, it’s about the same price (or maybe cheaper!) than a movie ticket or an exercise class.
  • I want to meet more of you and hang out more with those of you I already know, so (selfishly!) I wanted to make it really easy for you to hang out with me, do some meaningful introspection, and have some fun :)

A Dessert Club Party would be a good fit for you if…

  • You’ve been feeling frustrated with your eating, your body, or your life recently, and want to begin to figure out what’s going on in a friendly, welcoming environment. 
  • You’re just beginning to explore your relationship with food, and aren’t exactly sure where to start or how deep you want to go with this.
  • You’re thinking about joining a Dessert Cub, and want to meet me and see what it feels like to explore these issues.
  • You’re a Dessert Club alum and want a fun way to stay in touch with this awesome community and continue your journey.


Important logistics:

The group meets in a Google Hangout, which is a free video conference service. You'll need a video camera attached to your computer, as well as a Google email address or ID. If you don't have a Google account yet, it's free and you will receive instructions on how to get signed up.

No more than 9 participants, so it will be nice + cozy :)

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