Upcoming Dessert Clubs:

Tuesdays 7 pm PST/10 pm EST
Starting September 26
(West Coast friendly!)

Wednesdays at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST
Starting September 27
(East Coast friendly!)

Thursdays at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST
Starting June 22 — SOLD OUT


What to expect:

  • A Dessert Club is an 8-week, video conference-based support group that teaches you how to stop obsessing about food, eat intuitively, and understand and address the deeper factors that influence your eating.
  • We like to keep things cozy, so there are no more than 9 people per group.
  • You'll meet weekly with Katie in a video conference, so you'll need a working webcam.
  • Each week, you'll discuss a specific topic, ranging from "how to eat when you're hungry" to "how to treat yourself after a binge" to "Fat me vs. thin me."
  • You'll receive small assignments to practice the skills necessary to eat intuitively and without dieting, which can include reflections, small eating experiments, or readings.
  • Past participants tell us that the experience was amazing and transformative. See more of their stories here.
  • Be aware: the Dessert Club is hard. Not like a diet is hard -- there's no counting calories or deprivation. But the curriculum of the Dessert Club goes deep, forcing you to truths about your life (or career or relationships or home) that you might have wanted to avoid. 


Is the Dessert Club right for you?

  • The Dessert Club is NOT a dietThere will be no portion sizes, counting of calories, fat, carbs, or anything else. You will be learning how to trust your body to eat without dieting, for life.

    There are skills that are required to eat without obsessing or following a "plan", but most of us have never learned them.

  • The Dessert Club is deep and challenging.  It's not challenging in the way that a diet is challenging. There will be absolutely no restriction of foods or portions. But when you stop being unaware, numb, or compulsive about your eating, other things inevitably come up. You'll get all kinds of information about what you do and don't like about your relationships, work, home, and more. Participants often tell us: "I had no idea I had so many feelings!"

    If you haven't spent a lot of time doing introspection before, that can be intense -- so the Dessert Club is ONLY a good fit if you have the emotional energy to look at your whole life.

  • The Dessert Club is about actionTalking about things is nice, but most of us intellectually "know" that we need to stop doing what we're doing. It's taking action that actually makes change happen. Every week in the Dessert Club, you'll get mini-assignments, which include reading, journaling, and trying new practices. These assignments layer on top of each other, so each week you're building skills you didn't have before.  

    But if you don't have 15-30 minutes a day to try out some new things, the Dessert Club probably isn't a good fit.

  • The Dessert Club is supportiveThe #1 thing I hear from past participants is what a relief it is to realize that you aren't the only one struggling with this "food stuff." Our struggles with eating and our bodies can feel so private and isolating -- we feel crazy in our own heads and mostly don't talk about it. The Dessert Club has many different types of support -- readings from people who have struggled with these same issues, weekly full-group meetings over video conference, pen pals who you email between sessions. Many pen pal groups continue to stay in touch after the group is over. 


The Dessert Club isn't for everyone. If you don't have the energy to examine deep emotional issues, or the time to spend 15-30 minutes a day trying some small practices, the group might be too intense and overwhelming. It's definitely not a "quick fix."

But if it sounds like a good fit, the Dessert Club could change your life. We don't say that flippantly. We say that because we've seen it happen -- over and over past participants tell us that they never realized that they could feel so free or at ease with food, and that they are thrilled by what it taught them about the rest of their lives. Read more about their stories here.


But if you're a little scared and a little curious and a little excited? It's probably a good fit :)

Come join us!



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