About us

The Dessert Club is for people who pretty much "have it together" in their lives, but are frustrated with their eating.

Really frustrated.

You've been on diets and read articles and books about superfoods and fitness. Some things have worked, for a while. But eventually the Paleo or Weight Watchers or counting every single freaking calorie stopped working or started making you crazy.

And worst of all were the overeating "episodes" -- those times when you stood next to the refrigerator and ate weird bites of tortilla chips and stale cookies and last night's leftovers. Even though you knew that you shouldn't.

Ever felt like you could never let your guard down around food? Us, too.

For months, years, or even decades, we got more and more annoyed with ourselves and our weight. We kept thinking that another diet or food plan or injection of willpower would solve the problem. 

We were wrong.

(Learn more about Dessert Club founder Katie Seaver's story.)


Why we're different

The Dessert Club teaches a non-diet, integral approach to eating.

In our society, if you say, "I'm frustrated with my eating," or "I feel out-of-control around Nutella," you will probably get a lot of advice about nutrition, portion sizes, or wellness (sugar is addictive! You have to give it up!)

Knowing about nutrition is useful, as far as it goes. But if you only worry about nutrition, you're putting a band-aid on a much deeper, more complex problem. 

The Dessert Club teaches you the skills—because yes, they are skills—to:

  • Stop having to obsess about what your are eating or feel out-of-control around food.

  • Listen to your body about when, what, and how much to eat.

  • Trust your cravings and allow yourself to actually enjoy food without guilt.

  • Recognize how an excessive focus on thinness may cause you to eat emotionally or compulsively.

  • Understand that most of the time when you're "unhappy" with your eating, there is something going on in the rest of your life that is causing you to eat that way.

  • Tell yourself the truth about what you really want out of food and life — and stop lying yourself about what you don't actually want.

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that food problems mostly aren't about food.


Where to start

If you want to stop feeling crazy around food, for real, join an upcoming Dessert Club.

If you're dubious about this whole approach ("Can it work for me? Maybe I should try Weight Watchers just one more time"), read about our very happy past participants.

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