Frustrated with your eating?

The Dessert Club is for smart people who are frustrated with their eating.
Because dieting, over-exercising, and generally hating on your body isn't the answer.


Non-Diet + Intuitive

Your body actually knows when, what, and how much it would like to eat.

 You may have forgotten how to listen.



Problems about food are rarely just about food.

What about your life, career, relationships, emotions, fears, and dreams is making you eat when you aren't hungry?



If you feel like you're the only one who struggles with eating too much or feeling out of control, you're wrong. There are warm, funny, caring people who are struggling just like you.

Come meet them.

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Hi, I'm Katie!

I spent YEARS frustrated with my eating and my weight. I was one of those people who mostly "had it together" in my life, and I just couldn't believe that this thing that should be so simple -- food -- was giving me so much pain and anguish.

Eventually, I completely changed how I approached my eating + attitude towards my body, and it changed my life. (Read my story here).

My dream was to create a safe space where funny, caring people could gather and support each other as they healed their own relationships with food. I’m beyond proud of the Dessert Clubs + the changes I’ve witnessed in past participants. I hope you’ll join us :) 

I always joked I wanted to be one of those girls who says they “forgot” to eat lunch. I used to constantly think about food and my next chance to eat - sometimes I’d go to bed *just* so that I could get up and have breakfast!

I’ve actually started missing some mealtimes since being in the Dessert Club. When I ask myself if I’m really hungry, I noticed I don’t need to eat as often as I thought. I am allowing myself to take breaks from work for the sake of needing a break - not only when it’s “lunch time” or “for a snack”. That’s been a huge breakthrough for me!
— Annie, New Jersey

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I am just so thankful from the bottom of my heart that you created this group. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

— Kathy, Pennsylvania