Why I don't like the phrase "Emotional Eating"

Do you ever think, Oh, I’m not an emotional eater. I’ll be honest, I sometimes do, too. I often hate the phrase “emotional eating.”

For me, “emotional eating” conjures up women in rom-coms, crying over their mixed signals with Tom Hanks while they eat pints of ice cream. I’m not someone who just bawls over men and eats ice cream, so I must not be an emotional eater.

I think the reality of “emotional eating” is far more complex and subtle. And I think this distinction matters. Because if we can’t see ourselves in a label, we can’t get the support we need.

I wanted you to hear it from my mouth, so I made you a video :)

After watching it, I’d love to hear in the comments: do you think of yourself as an “emotional eater”? Why or why not?