A post-thanksgiving (or anytime) reminder

Thanksgiving happened in America this week, and I was thinking about you. And as the days kept passing, I had something that I really wanted you to know, just in case you felt scared or overwhelmed or frustrated with your eating this week:

No matter what you ate yesterday (or last week, or last month), you deserve to eat today.

I get it. If you think your eating has been “bad” for some reason in the past, it can be so tempting to restrict your eating today. 

But please don’t do that. Restricting perpetuates the binge-restrict cycle and sets you up for more bingeing, restriction, and guilt.

Restricting will make things worse.

The only way to break the cycle is to stop listening to our fears (I don’t deserve to eat that or I’m too heavy already), and start listening to actual, real signals:

Even if you ate too much yesterday, eat today.
Wait till you feel hungry, then eat something.
Eat something you’ll enjoy, and something that will make you feel good.

And please, do something to feel beautiful, something to connect yourself with the loveliness of the world. Because if you’re going down the “restriction” path, you’ve probably lost touch with loveliness.

And we all need loveliness.


Sending much post-Thanksgiving caring,