On being someone who can throw away an ice cream cone without finishing it.

Sometimes I think about an interview with Julianne Moore that I read some time ago. She was talking about feeding her kids dessert:

My kids have always been allowed to have dessert. My husband thinks I'm too free and easy about that kind of stuff, but my kids will throw out a half-eaten ice cream cone if they've had enough, which I've never in my life been able to do.

I keep thinking about that, because of another (refreshingly honest) thing she said, in a different interview:

I'm hungry all the time. I think I'm a slender person, but the industry apparently doesn't. All actresses are hungry all the time, I think.

strawberry closeup.jpg

I can’t help but wonder: is there a connection between having to be hungry all the time, and feeling that half an ice cream cone is never enough?*

Is there a connection between a focus on weight, and a pre-occupation with ice cream?

I can’t know for Julianne, but for me, there definitely was.

What about you?

* For the record, many of us can choose to only eat half the ice cream cone — or eat no ice cream at all! — while still being preoccupied with it. I know that I was, for a long time!