My body image “shame”…and what I learned

As much work as I’ve done to accept and embrace my body, I still sometimes find myself having negative thoughts about my weight.

Thoughts like, “Maybe you would look better if you lost a couple of pounds, Katie.”
Or: “Maybe you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at that party if you were slimmer.”

For a long time, I felt embarrassed about even having these thoughts. I knew that they weren’t true, but I kept thinking to myself: I’m a coach and I help women make peace with food and their bodies! I should be 100% past this!

Eventually, I realized something really important about these negative body thoughts, and what to do about them. I wanted you to hear about it from me, so I recorded a video.

After you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear what you think. Have you ever tried the technique I suggest to deal with having negative thoughts about your body? Comment below the video or even hit reply to this email and let me know!