Six reminders you might need

I finally put together an archive of the 100+ past Dessert Club blog posts, and I thought it would be nice to send out a kind of “Dessert Club Greatest Hits,” with some of my favorite reminders + encouragement for your weekend:


1. On somatic awareness and living your best life. In my early twenties, in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, my brother suggested I work with a coach. I guess it could be useful, I thought to myself. Maybe she’ll help me figure out what I should do for my next job. Oh, I was in for a treat.

2. A shout-out to the people pleasers reading this post.

3. Why do we prefer to overeat in private? The very bold ones among us might mention our “struggle with food” in conversation with friends, in an abstract sense. But would we sit down at a table with a loved one and say, “I’m bingeing right now”? And then proceed to eat an entire gallon of ice cream while the other person watched?

4. On beauty. When we think that we want to lose 10 pounds (or 5 or 15 or 500), often what we are really thinking is “If I lose weight, I will feel beautiful. So here’s my suggestion to you: If you want to feel beautiful, why don’t you focus on feeling beautiful? 

5. On pleasure buttons. For many of us, food is our easiest, most-used Pleasure Button. It’s fast.  It’s cheap. It’s reliable. So what’s the problem?

6. And finally, this poem. Trust me.


As always, I’m sending you strength + support for the week ahead. You’ve got this.