It counts.

Here’s a feel-good-in-your-body suggestion for today:

Do one push-up.

Not five push-ups. Not 10. Not 20.
Just. Do. One.

I dare you. I triple-dog-dare you. Are you woman (or man) enough to just do one push-up, and then stop?

Because yes, doing one push-up may be a weird and uncomfortable for many of us. It can be a strange thing to let go of all of the stories you have about what a push-up is — an “intense workout” or “should be done in sets of 20” — and explore what it could be, in a different form.

When I do just one push-up, I feel…slightly energized. Like the blood is flowing a tiny bit better in my body. I feel subtly happier, if I’m honest.

goofing around.jpg

Most people I talk to have all kinds of black-and-white, all-or-nothing stuff going on when it comes to moving their body. Either they’re doing a half hour of burpees or they’re taking a rest day. There’s certainly nothing wrong with either of those things.

But please don’t forget all of the rich, interesting, enlivening area in the middle.

1 push-up, it counts.
Taking a four minute walk down your street, it counts.
Holding a plank on your bedroom floor for 10 seconds, it counts.

I’m not saying that these joyful, small movement moments will give you Michelle Obama arms.
I’m not saying you need to do “lots of little movements” so it will “add up to a full workout.”

But I am saying that when I do just one push-up, it’s like a tiny, little happiness boost.

I thought you might like a tiny, little happiness boost, too. 


p.s. That picture is me playing around in Brooklyn...five years ago! Remember when I shaved my head? :)