How to eat food and feel like you never ate anything

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There are many ways to eat food without feeling like you’ve eaten it. Any of these sound familiar?

1. Buy a chocolate bar at the supermarket. Eat it when you get in the car, as you listen to the radio and navigate the traffic-filled streets home. You’re talking to your kids in the backseat, who have a lot to say, and the chocolate bar is gone before you get out of the car to carry in your groceries. Did the chocolate bar even happen?

2. Take a late-night trip to your kitchen. Open the cabinet and unwrap a bag of your favorite chips. Put several chips in your mouth, and then several more. Look both ways to make sure no one is coming into the kitchen, then grab a few more salty morsels as you close the cabinet. By the time you make it to your bedroom, there are no chips to be found. Did the chips even happen?

3. Leave a meeting and head to the office kitchen. Donuts were left on the breakroom table, so you eat half of a donut as you make yourself some tea and check your phone. You grab the other half as you respond to a quick email — you want to make sure your colleague knows you’re on top of this new issue. You take your tea and rush off to the next meeting. Did the donut even happen?

4. Meet three good friends for drinks and dinner. You order a couple of drinks and so many different dishes to share. It feels so good to catch up with everyone about their lives, you find yourself reaching for a bite every couple of sentences. At the end of the night, all of the plates are empty, but you can’t remember much of what you ate except that you feel a little weird in your body. Did the dinner even happen?

Of course, there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with eating when you aren’t hungry, eating while distracted, or sneaking foods so others don’t see you eating.

There’s not even anything inherently “wrong” in eating in a way that makes your body feel bloated or numb or weird afterwards.

You are allowed to eat however you like.

But that’s the question, isn’t it: How do you want to eat?

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